Chips often occur when a flying projectile such as stones, rock or gravel hit the windshield at high screen. Small rocks from trucks carrying construction material can land of the glass causing a chip; there might also be temperature variation that can naturally damage the glass. Driving on uneven roads can also be a problem that can cause your glass to chip.


Bullseye breaks are named by the, you guessed it, the bullseye on a dartboard. They are usually caused by a rock or other object that hits the windshield and leaves circular damage. It usually effects the out layer of the glass and it acts similar to a chip. If repaired and fixed early, you can easily get it completely repaired.


A half moon is also known as half a bullseye; it’s a semi-circular shape that Is caused by circular objects. The damage is very similar to the bullseye and is not completely circular. These are literally lie half a moon and it is also repaired easily.


Star break is caused by a smaller object that hits the screen and creates cracks that propagate outwards. It is a relatively difficult to repair crack if not done as soon as it occurs, and can cause major structural weakness in the windshield.


Leaving multiple types of chipping and cracks on the windshield, it’s a star break that occurs on a bullseye. It is highly extensive damage and often results in chunks of glass missing. This is difficult to repair.


One of the most common types of cracks; because windshields are installed in this way, the two or three inches on the outer edge have stress defects and can be vulnerable to fractures. Edge crack starts a couple inches from the edge of the screen and even the tiniest little crack can eventually become 10 or more inches long.


A crack that occurs without anything hitting the glass, normally due to large temperature variations, such as a very cold car suddenly exposed to heat or a hot car suddenly chilled. For example taking ice off with hot water or putting the air conditioning on after the car has been sitting in the sun. Cracks are normally straight and almost always start at the edge of the windshield.


When a hard object like a rock causes a small piece of rock to come off the screen, a chip occurs. Chipping makes the glass unsafe and makes the glass unstable. Chipping can cause more extensive damage if not treated immediately.


This crack happens at the center point of the windshield; if the crack isn’t located within the 2 inches of the windshield, it is a floater crack. This is a part of the glass which is relatively more vulnerable than other parts of the glass since it’s in the central area and can be worsened by speed. It also reduces the vision of the driver.

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