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At Windshield Replacement Houston, we know how important it is to keep your vehicle safe, reliable and effective; it’s not just a car you drive around town in, it might be your minibus that takes you and your children to soccer practice; it can also be your vehicle to work, or your office. If the whole windscreen is damaged, there are a lot of reasons why you should get it fixed as soon as possible and get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as you can. Why would you entrust your car to anyone who isn’t an expert when it comes to windscreen replacement; we’re the best auto glass company around, so why would you look for anyone else? We will take your cracked, ribbed or broken windscreen and try to repair it or replace it. With our premier windscreen services, we can easily complete the job of repairing your windscreen and only replace it as a last resort. With us, you can save time and money. Whether you have a newer vehicle or something that isn’t the newest kid in the block and whether you need your car to get from point A to point B, there is a need for it to keep you safe. Without a structurally sound windshield, it can cause a small impact on your windshield to break through and cause harm to the passengers or the driver, especially if you’re driving at high speeds. Cracked windshields also limit the visibility of the driver that can also cause people to get into accidents.

Affordable Trusted Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repairs

We help car owners to make the most of their budget and car models and find a new windshield for their car in case it’s highly damaged. Or, we can help you get your windshield repaired to brand new condition. With our premium services, you can expect:

  • For cracked windows and windshields, we only get the glass that is durable, efficient, high-quality and optimizes your road safety; in case there is minor chipping, our windshield repair service makes sure that it is repaired at a very little cost.
  • For quality vehicle glass, we offer a nationwide guarantee on our products for quality and durability of the product.

How do you replace a windshield?

We take pride in our method for replacing a windshield; it’s a quick, easy and painless way that will allow us to repair your screen and you to be back on the road in no time. Our technicians are our pride; we leave no stones unturned and no step left for chance when it comes to replacing windshields; for us, providing the best and the most comprehensive service for windshield replacement is the way to move forward. We take the following steps:

  • Our technician will tell you of the process of replacing the old windscreen and installing the new one.
  • Technician will carefully remove the old windshield
  • We use only the most advanced and most reliable primers and adhesives on the market; we will insert the new windscreen into the vehicle and then let it set. We will also clean up and minor windshield pieces that might have broken off into your car during the removal process.
  • Our technician will tell you about a 30 to 45 minute drive-away time in order to make the windshield set

What if My Replacement Windshield Leaks at the Seams?

A major concern that people have when they are getting their windshield replaced is whether or not the new windshield will have gaps in the seams which will let air and water to seep in. Our windscreen replacements go without a hitch and we make sure there is no leakage. However, if there is a chance that happens, we have you covered.

Windshield Replacement Houston provides you with a guarantee on your replacement windshield; there are a lot of different type of windshields to work with. We chose the ones that aren’t only the best quality available for your car, but also the most reliable. If there is an anomaly with the windshield or there is an anomaly with our installation, we will get it replaced for free.

What’s better, OEM or aftermarket windshields?

windshields that are purchased directly from the dealership are authorized by the manufacturer of the vehicles. This glass is exactly the same as the glass that comes pre-fitted in your car. The glass you get is from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that is the one that made the windscreen in your car in the first place.

OEM means that the parts you’re going to be getting are from the original manufacturer. That means that for parts like a windscreen, the parts you will be getting will be the same as you would have when you just got the car. You could replace the windscreen with an aftermarket or non-OEM parts, but that wouldn’t really make a difference. However, some people prefer to work with the OEM parts, especially the ones with vintage cars so they retain their value.

Aftermarket glass is manufactured by companies that contract directly with car manufacturers. As such, aftermarket glass is made to the exact same specifications as OEM or dealer glass but is considered to be “original equipment equivalent.” Although it is significantly less expensive, aftermarket glass is typically the same thickness from the original glass in your automobile and carries the same guarantee as OEM or dealer glass.

Aftermarket glass is manufactured by companies that have contracts with the OEM; this glass isn’t exactly the same as the original but it is close, and they can be considered an equivalent; non-OEM parts are usually the same thickness as the original ones and have the same guarantees as the original parts. If you want to choose your vehicles glass, contact us today and we will help you decide.

Will your insurance cover the charges of a broken windscreen?

There are two options if you’ve gotten your windshield cracked, here are both of them:

Option 1 - Your existing windshield can be repaired.

Repairing the windshield isn’t that expensive and is an easy process. In most cases, your insurance company will get your windscreen replaced and it won’t affect your insurance rates.

Option 2 - Your existing windshield needs to be replaced.

This option will usually be covered by the insurance company; there may be some deductible cost that needs to be paid.

The total amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket may be dependent on the type of vehicle you have, the amount of damage incurred, the place where the damage incurred and the type of damage that is incurred.

From windshield repairs to auto glass replacement and more, we have everything you could need for an easy trusted auto glass service.

Auto Glass Replacement

​Auto Glass Replacement: We here at Windshield Replacement Houston know the value of your car, your windshield and your trust in us.

Mobile Windshield Replacement

We at Windshield Replacement Houston, we know the importance of time, there are a lot of things that must be done in order to replace your windshield the right way.

Mobile Windshield Repair

Mobile Windshield Repair Houston: We believe in craftsmanship and workmanship that allows us to make properly do your mobile windshield repair Houston.

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